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Horseback Riding in Style in Carmel/Monterey


One of the most unique and awe-inspiring ways to appreciate the dreamlike beauty of the central Californian coast is on horseback. If you’ve never ridden on the beach with the breakers crashing just yards away, or thumped quietly through pine and cypress groves and serene coastal grasslands, you’ll definitely want to experience this one-of-a-kind outing. And once you try it, we predict you’ll be hooked.

The rhythm of a horseback adventure along the ocean and through the misty hills creates its own kind of magic. Beyond the lulling ease of the ride, there’s the special added thrill of knowing you’re exploring these ethereal landscapes with a gentle, noble, big-hearted animal as your “guide.” There are miles of trails to ramble with your newest four-legged buddy.

An excellent outfit for making this hoof-safari magic a reality is Seahorse Equestrian Tours in Monterey. With a stable of stunningly beautiful horses—including tamed Kiger mustangs from the high desert of Oregon, a striking breed of amazing heritage—this topnotch crew can take you all over the Carmel and Monterey region, from seacoast to mountain glades.

Seahorse offers sunset rides along the Pacific at Moss Landing Beach and Zmudowski State Beach, as well as special full-moon outings. Other possibilities include weekend overnighters in the entrancing and wild highlands of Henry W. Coe State Park, one of the crown jewels of our regional ecological mosaic.

There are countless things to do on this world-class swath of rugged, rolling coastline, but we really urge you to take an afternoon or a weekend to see the country from the best seats in the house: the broad and sturdy backs of beachgoing horses. Folks of any skill and experience level are sure to find the right steed for them—and then have some unforgettable memories minted in the salt air.

If you can believe it, everything here looks even more magnificent from atop a horse—but don't just take our word for it. Try it for yourself! Climb into the saddle and taste the Carmel/Monterey coast like you never have before: by "hoofing it!"