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Carmel and Clint Eastwood

Though it's been done, you can't really have a Carmel boutique inn website without mentioning Clint Eastwood. To do so would be just plain wrong. I'm not certain, but there might even be some Carmel by-law.

Eastwood became mayor of Carmel in January of 1986. Now almost 30 years later, you might well wonder why he chose to run at all (obviously not for the $200/month salary).
It all began when his application to build and renovate in the small city's downtown was summarily rejected and he couldn't make headway through zoning laws, building permits and restrictions, and more red tape. He sued and won, then was encouraged by other frustrated citizens of Carmel to challenge the incumbent mayor in the next election. So he ran a campaign under the slogan, "Bringing the Community Together," and won in a landslide. During his two years in office, he made it easier to build or renovate, built a tourist parking lot, remodeled the historic Mission Ranch, and says he is most proud of building the children's library annex.

As he said in the media when his term was over: "We got rid of quite a lot of punitive attitudes on the council and helped people get things done. We got things built -- beach walkways, a library annex which had been waiting 25 years, and so on. I approached it from a business point of view, not a political one."

Because life is too short to spend time drafting permits for roof slopes and building heights, he opted not to run for a second term. And although he made two films while in office (Heartbreak Ridge and Bird), in early 1988, for the next 27 years, and counting, Clint was back to devote a full time effort to his career in film.

Eastwood-Carmel Trivia

Here is a little Clint Eastwood and Carmel trivia.

  • opened an old English-inspired pub called the Hog's Breath Inn in 1971
  • sold the pub and now owns the Mission Ranch Hotel and Restaurant
  • is a keen golfer and owns the nearby Tehàma Golf Club
  • is an investor in the world-renowned Pebble Beach Golf Links
  • donates his time to charitable causes at major tournaments
  • is a certified pilot and often flies his helicopter to the studios to avoid traffic
  • his production company "Malpaso" is named after Malpaso Creek which is just south of Carmel
  • his 1971 movie "Play Misty for Me" (Eastwood's directorial debut), was filmed in Carmel, Monterey and Big Sur.

And lately, on February 5, 2014, he saved a man from choking to death (presumably on an hors d'oeuvre) at a reception in Carmel-by-the-Sea.